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Why should I consider your software development company as a partner?

Because we have 220+ technology talents that can assist you with product development at any stage of the project. Explore our case studies to discover how our partnerships of 4 months to 5 years made businesses in 24 countries measurably competitive. Our About us page will show you who we are at heart and what we believe in.

Also, do consider our Clutch reviews from CTOs, Product Owners, and Software Strategists who’ve delivered high-stakes projects with our development teams. Most opinion about our software solutions comes from phone interviews made by independent researchers.

Then, you could schedule a free and private call about your development needs to see if we have a culture fit.


Do you offer custom software development services for my industry?

We’re open to working with any industry. as our team’s strategy, project management, and development skills proved to be effective in blockchain, MedTech, or even government projects. The Software House has even provided support to other software development companies.

There are of course industries for which we offer more refined experience and they include: Events; FinTech and banking; Travel; Marketplaces; Real estate, Marketing; Logistics & Transportation. Visit the Industries page to learn about our project expertise in these fields.


What’s your experience in enterprise software development?

We’ve done custom software development for businesses of over 500+ employees. The largest software suite we’ve prepared was adopted by 7M users from several countries.

Our enterprise software projects included: building an e-government system for employed professionals; a B2B MedTech platform with employee services; or a search & delivery engine for a manufacturer of industrial parts.

Since we work in Agile, we’re confident there’s a way to adjust to your company’s processes. The Software House also offers self-project-management through our PM to help with distributing project responsibilities. We can join a project at any stage of the software development life cycle.


What’s your experience in working on digital transformation projects?

For example, we’ve been involved in the creation of an ERP for nationwide labor management from zero. Before The Software Houses’ involvement, there were only pen and paper procedures instead of digital solutions. We also replaced analog operations through custom software development for an automation engineering enterprise and a transportation company.

As our partner, you’ll have access to every specialist required for business process transformation. Per request, our Business Analysts will assist the development team business with requirement gathering, product roadmap creation, maintenance, and scaling.


Can we form a durable team delivering software solutions over a longer time?

Yes, of course. One of our longer partnerships continues after 6 years, where the client started with a team of 6 software developers from The Software House and upscaled to 20 people.

Your new team can be self-managed, where our PM leads the group and covers knowledge-sharing, or our talents can follow your CTOs, PMs, or POs leadership while advising on development strategy.


Do you offer teams for mobile app development?

Yes. While most of our projects start with web development, clients could count on us on React Native or PWA app development for Android / iOS devices.

Splitser, a bill-splitting app with over 1M+ downloads, became no. 1 in the Netherlands in the personal finance category after our upgrade from an MVP to a full product.


The Software House’s mobile team also designed and crafted an app called Smartum to serve as an employee benefit platform in Finland. 96% of users rated it as something they’d recommend.


If you need to expand your mobile team, contact us to discuss your plan and what you need to reach similar business results.


What makes your software development process different?

It’s highly collaborative. From the early years, we shaped our software development firm to be an understanding and flexible partner that adjusts to the client’s development process.


We follow an Agile process that was refined over the 12 years since the founding. You set the metrics, help us grasp the business know-how, and our product team will present you with a predictable development plan with a clearly defined budget and deliverables. Should you need it, The Software House is ready to advise you on strategy, technology choice, and project management methods.


Technology executives that we worked with describe how we worked saying:


“There was no issue that they left unaddressed.” (Timo Favorin, Product Manager at Smartum)


“They produce quality code.” (Sami Pippuri, Former CTO, MaaS Global)


“Their integrity, quality of work, and adaptation to change of requirements impressed us the most.”  (Zuhair Sagga, Head of Innovation at KADF)


“The developers on their team are amazing to work with and communicate well.” (Alaa Olabi, Product Owner, Takamol Holding)


Learn about each stage of our development process here.


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